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Carol Storms

My Blockchain Life is changing the way the average individual can start Mining Cryptocurrency today with a low barrier of entry, unlike anything I've ever seen before. Not only did I purchase Mining Machines myself, but my friends and family are also experiencing the Incredible rewards of mining all because of this simple turn key solution that helps set you up for success! You don't need to be a crypto mining genius to excel, you simply need to associate yourself with the experts to help you start mining your own business today! That's what My Blockchain Life is all about. 


Mark Biermann

The world is changing, Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the financial industry. Now more than ever is the time to get involved and become a part of this great new era of emerging currencies. MBCL is an absolute must to get into crypto, right now!

Sara Weiss

Cryptocurrency IS the future. My Blockchain Life is paving the way for MILLIONS all around the world to not only start mining right now, but actually own and receive Cryptocurrency straight into your E-wallet. This has to be one of the greatest opportunities available TODAY. And the best part is, all you have to do is become a member to get started for FREE!

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My Blockchain Life

My Blockchain Life is a purveyor of fine mining equipment and Hosting Solutions. Our team of experts have years of experience and give our customers the “big business” advantage including low cost of electricity and 24hr technical support even if you own as little as one machine.

Operating Worldwide, Located in the USA.


For General Inquiries Please Contact us:

Email: [email protected] 

For Support or Technical Questions Please Email:

[email protected]


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